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Getting To Know Our Key Players: Conda Davidson

Over the years, we've made great strides in becoming the best real estate team at the Lake of the Ozarks. Along the way we've found success around every corner and have thrived immensely. That success didn't just come out of thin air though. eXp Realty wouldn't be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of our key players. So over the next few weeks we want to pay tribute to them by showcasing them. This week, we're honoring Condo Davidson, Owner/Broker Associate Lake of the Ozarks Realtor®.

You wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance, or even after first meeting her, but Conda Irene Davidson was born and raised in the small, rural town of Purdon, Missouri.  Purdon is where family values, contributing to the community and working hard are the three most important lessons of life. Some thirty years later, and long after Conda left her stomping grounds, she has kept the small town morals close to her heart and built her life and a business empire on th…