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Easy Ways to Lower your Heating Bill

As we go into the winter months, we all want our homes to feel warm and cozy - but there may be some areas of your home that are working against you and increasing your heating bills.  
Here are 3 tips to help make your home airtight and efficient!

Caulk Trim and Baseboards - as you walk through your home, you will feel some obvious drafts in your home that you will need to tend to - but if you inspect things a little closer, you will find some small gaps that are inviting the cold air into your home.  

Inspect Doors The US Department of Energy claims that as much as 35% of the air leakage in a home comes from small openings in doors, windows and fireplaces.  Door sweeps can make a huge difference by closing the gap that is between the bottom of your door and the flooring.  Not only is this good for the entry doors but also a good idea for the basement and attic. You can purchase stick on rubber weather stripping to go around the edges  to seal the door and keep the warmth in and the col…