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FAQs about Mortgages

When buying a home, one of the first steps to need to look at is getting pre-qualified for a home. Your pre-qualification will give you an idea of what you can afford, and help you know exactly what you're looking for in your next home. There can be many complicated factors to your mortgage, and we want to help you feel at ease through the entire process. The entire Gattermeir Davidson team is proud to help you through this exciting process of finding a home, whether it's your first, or you are a seasoned home buyer. Here are a few frequently asked questions about home mortgages to help you understand them better.

What are Closing Costs? Your closing costs will vary from property to property. It can include items like title insurance fees, pre-paid interest, and documentation fees. Your type of mortgage and location can make a difference in these closing costs, so you'll want to talk with your lender and Lake of the Ozarks real estate agent.

What Documentation Will I need …