5 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value

If selling your home has been something you've been considering, it's a great time to start thinking about increasing the value of your home! Now, don't get nervous about spending tons of money to accomplish this goal. You really don't need to do a massive remodel to double your home's worth. There are plenty of simple, cost-effective tips and tricks that will make a big difference in the long run. Start working on these projects long before you are actually ready to list your home to make the whole process easier! Here are 5 simple tips to begin with:

1. Take it one step at a time!
Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed by the process. While some projects may require a major time investment, others do not! There are plenty of simple things you can do that will all contribute towards increasing your home's value, such as updating your microwave, light fixtures, or even your ceiling fans. Small projects such as these can give you a sense of instant results that will motivate you to tackle the big projects!

2. Make a home maintenance check list. 
Walk through your home with a notepad and make notes of anything that could be updated and/or improved. Do you have a leaky faucet in the downstairs bathroom? Do your ceiling fans creak? Is your garbage disposal running smoothly? Creating a comprehensive list now of everything that needs to be fixed will give you something to refer to whenever you have some time to dedicate to a new project.

3. Check your walls, ceilings, and floors.
We may get so caught up looking at the features within our room that we forget to pay attention to the perimeters, but dedicating some time to our walls, ceilings, and floors is crucial. Few features date a home as much the so-called "popcorn ceilings," so schedule some time to update it if you have it. Fill in any holes in the wall and update old or worn flooring. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for both the walls and the ceilings!

4. Expand your rooms.
Dark rooms tend to look smaller and much more cramped than they actually are. Replacing heavy drapes with light curtains or attractive blinds can dramatically increase your rooms' visual space. Pay close attention to your furniture arrangements, too. Our first instincts are usually to move the furniture to the outermost wall to create maximum floor space, but strategically arranging furniture in small groupings can actually make your room seem bigger.

Don't forget to dedicate some time to organizing and removing any excess clutter in your rooms. Cleaning off your counters and other surface areas can make your home seem more spacious and drastically improve your home's visual appeal.

5. Go green - in every sense of the word.
Your energy costs do not have to be fixed costs! Some utility companies will actually perform free energy audits of your home and give you suggestions for lowering your electric bill.

Figure out ways to boost your "green" appeal outside, too! Plant some trees, trim your shrubs, and consider bringing in some new sod for a fresh, green lawn. A well placed shade tree can drastically lower your cooling costs, and a beautiful lawn will significantly impact your curb appeal.

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