Staging Your Master Bathroom to Sell!

Like millions of people around the world, you start and finish your day tackling important hygienic routines in your bathroom. With so much important time spent in this room, it's safe to say that it's a pretty important space in your home. Remodeling your bathroom can be an effective way to improve your home's value. With a little effort, you can improve your master bathroom in a way that any buyer would fall in love with. Here are a few easy ways you can update your bathroom before selling your home at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Add New Flooring
Old, chipped linoleum can date a bathroom faster than anything else in the space. You can get away with laying new linoleum in your bathroom, but if you really want to update the space, opt for something updated and timeless like tile. Ceramic tile is still just as popular as ever, and you can even get a tile that mimics the look and texture of wood so you aren't straying from a warm spa-like feel.

Freshen Up the Hardware
Update your cabinet knobs or add a new faucet to your sink or tub. These are great ways to make this space feel updated without having to do a lot of costly work. Choose colors that will remain timeless, but also match the rest of your bathroom. If everything in the bathroom is gold, you don't want to update the faucet with silver, unless you'll be updating everything.

Update the Color
Normally, your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in your home, so if you decide to repaint it, you're not going to be expending a lot of work or expense - but it can make a HUGE difference. Imagine that your bathroom is a spa, and then think of the colors that a spa would be. If you have windows in your bathroom you can opt for slightly darker colors, but it's always best to keep it light and fresh. Choose relaxing colors like pale blues & greens, tan, and gray. White is becoming a trendy color, but it would be better to accent with white, as it can also get dirty quickly.

Do a Revamp
Are you a brave soul who wants to clear out the bathroom and start over? It's always a wonderful option! Start by looking at what is the most important, and what you can keep and reuse. Does the toilet still work great? You can keep that and just reinstall it if you'll be putting down new flooring. Double vanities are still a popular option for the master bathroom, so if you only have a single, see if your space can spread out and accommodate two sinks. Does your tub need an update? You can install a brand new unit, or consider doing a metal tub with a tile wall. Don't be afraid of the challenge, your work will be rewarded in the end!

Deep Clean
Last, but certainly not least, take time to clean all of the nooks and crannies that don't get attention on a routine cleaning basis. Your bathroom can get really grimy over time. Does your previously white grout have a dark gray appearance? There are many cleaners on the market that will help you get it back to its original glow. Have you ever looked behind your toilet? Most of the time you can really fit a broom back there, and the mop doesn't really like it back there either, but it's vitally important this area is glowing. Here are a few areas you need to inspect with fine tooth comb.
  • All drawers and cabinets
  • Trim
  • Anything up high. Ex: the top of your tub if it's an insert, medicine cabinets, etc.
  • All grout
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Fixtures
  • Light Globes
  • Shower or tub floor
Selling a Lake of the Ozarks Home
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